We're fighting for Gender Equality & Sustainability

...one pocket at a time.

You are on this website and reading this page, which means you probably love pockets, and loathe the lack of real, functional pockets in clothing marketed for female bodies. Thanks, It Has Pockets! was conceived and built on this feeling. 

Our mission is simple: We sew pockets in your clothing, so you don’t have to go buy an entirely new wardrobe in order to carry your damn phone. We do this in the most sustainable way we possibly can, fighting back against the wasteful fast fashion industry. And we are loudly, inconveniently, and unapologetically outspoken against the misogyny that permeates the clothing industry. 

Sustainability Is Not Optional

There is more than 12.5 million tons of post consumer textile waste produced in the United States every year. Between the egregious environmental impact of fast fashion and the lack of efficient textile recycling facilities, committing to sustainable practices has been paramount to how we operate from day one. First and foremost, we use 100% repurposed fabric to create pockets (think: factory scraps, pre-owned fabric, etc.) in an effort to divert useable materials out of landfills. We purchase second-hand materials whenever possible, including thread, needles, office supplies, and more. None of our fabric goes to waste: the small, leftover scraps are shredded and used as stuffing for pet beds that are donated to animal shelters. Packaging? That too. We exclusively use recycled brown paper to pad orders (#plasticfree)Customers are even encouraged to re-use whatever boxes or envelopes they have on hand to ship their garments, and orders are sent back in the same container. 

Meet the Founder

Madison Durant

My name is Madison Durant, and I am a seamstress, tailor, designer, and business owner living in Kansas City, MO with my wonderful partner, and my three cats: Marcel, Tye, and Steve Purrwin. I have been sewing for most of my life; I started at just 7-years-old and began sewing professional at 14. I began my journey into the world of fashion in 2014 when I was a runner up on Lifetime’s hit series “Project Runway: Threads”. I went on to exhibit collections in fashion showcases and trade shows in Kansas City, Omaha, and Chicago. After experiencing firsthand just how wasteful factory garment production can be, I turned my attention to the sustainable future of clothing, and found a problem I made it my mission to solve: pockets. As an avid traveler and adventure seeker, I focus on sustainable practices in every area of my life in the hopes of preserving the natural world I have come to know and love.

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