Frequently Asked Questions

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 We’re so glad you asked! TLDR; you send us your garments that need pockets, we add pockets, and send them back to you. 

The Specifics

Step 1: Read our Garment Guide for information on the types of garments we accept and the criteria your clothes need to meet.

Step 2: Visit the Shop page and select your garment type from the catalog. Each individual product page has variable options you can choose from for style, color, add-ons, etc. Once you have selected your options, click “Add to Cart”, and repeat the process for each garment you want to send us. 

Step 3: On the checkout page, you can choose to either ship us your garment via UPS, or drop it off at our local business partner, Scraps KC. After checkout, we will email you either a shipping label or a drop-off label. 

Step 4: As part of our sustainability efforts, we encourage the reuse of packaging, so you can pack up your garments in any box or padded envelope you have on hand (even if it has other branding or printing on it). Securely seal your package, and attach your label to the outside, and drop it off at any UPS Store or Access Point for shipping, or Scraps KC for local pickup. 

Step 5: Once we receive your order, we will inspect the garments for any existing damage or stains, and send you an email to document any damage we find. We will add your requested pockets to each garment using exclusively repurposed or reclaimed fabric, re-pack your garments in the box or envelope you used, and ship them back to you (or send them back to Scraps KC for pickup). If any of your garments are unsuitable to have pockets added to them, we will notify you via email, refund the product cost of the garment, and send it back with the rest of your order.


We can add pockets to ALMOST anything that fits within our style guidelines. Check out our Garment Guide for a full list of the clothing we accept and the criteria they must meet. please note, we can not add pockets to leggings at this time, but we are working to add this service! 

We process orders within 7-10 days from when we receive the order via shipping or pickup. If you need an order rushed, or completed by a certain date, please email us.

Yes, as long as the garment meets the requirements in our Garment Guide. However, the garment will lose some of its vertical stretch along the seams.+

Yes! We can make too-small pockets bigger in any garment. You can use this listing for extending the front pocket of jeans and pants. For all other garments, just select “Expand Existing Pockets” on their corresponding garment listings.

Yes! Our local, non-profit business partner, Scraps KC, accepts order drop-offs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during normal business hours. There is a $5.00 drop-off fee, instead of a shipping cost, and this fee goes directly to Scraps KC to support their efforts in our community. To learn more about Scraps KC and their mission, visit their website at

Please note: You MUST place your order online with us prior to dropping off your order at Scraps KC. They can not accept or create new orders that have not already been placed on this website. 

At this time, we can not add pockets to leggings/fitness tights. We are working to add this service to our lineup as soon as possible! 

We do our best to process orders and email shipping/order labels and instructions as soon as possible, but please allow up to 12 hours to receive them. If you haven’t received an email from us with your label and instructions within this timeframe, please contact us.

We are working to update our website checkout to automate the delivery of shipping/order labels, but in the meantime, we have to manually process orders and create and send each label. We appreciate your patience while we are working to improve and streamline this process!