Jeans/Pants - Front Pocket

Jeans/Pants - Front Pocket


You finally find that perfect pair of jeans that fits your hips AND waist, they’re just the right length, super soft, and….what the heck, these pockets are tiny!? Or worse yet, the pockets are FAKE.

Wait! Don’t Panic!

We can make those almost-perfect pants your best pair of jeans by expanding existing front pockets, or adding a new set.

All pockets are priced per set of two.

Style Guidelines: As long as there is an existing opening, we can make even the smallest set of front pockets functional and spacious. If the front pockets on your jeans are actually made from lies and deceit (i.e fake and have no opening), we can open them up and add a new set. Just make sure there is an existing front pocket seam, as shown in the reference photo below.

Note: When adding a new set of pockets to a fake seam, we usually have to replace the hardware, so it may come back to you with different rivets. We will always do our best to match the existing color.


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