Outerwear - Interior Chest Pocket

Outerwear - Interior Chest Pocket


Finally, your professional wardrobe can keep up with your professional life! Sleek, interior pockets (you know, the kind every men’s suit jacket has) are built into the lining for a secure, functional space that won’t compromise the fit of even the most tailored jacket.

Note: For fully lined jackets, this style is sold as a single pocket at it’s standard price. Please select the “Set of 2” option to upgrade. Unlined jackets adhere to our normal pricing per set, but must follow the style guidelines below.

Style Guidelines: Interior Chest Pockets are best suited to suit jackets, blazers, and other tailored outerwear. Jackets with a full lining offer the best concealment with a professional finish. Unlined garments are acceptable as long as they are constructed with center seams at the front (as depicted in the reference illustration below). No center seams in your unlined jacket? Check out our other pocket option for jackets here.


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