Skirts - Pencil/Slim Fit

Skirts - Pencil/Slim Fit


One of the most common complaints we see is how pockets can ruin the intended lines of a garment. With this in mind, we developed a unique pocket that fits vertically along the side of the leg, designed specifically for slim fitting garments. So whether you’re wearing your sharpest pencil skirt to a board meeting, or a killer bodycon skirt for a night out, your wardrobe can be ready for anything.

Style Guidelines: This pocket style is specifically designed for slim fitting garments, but it can be used for any style dress or skirt. Whatever skirt you choose, make sure it has side seams in every layer, including the lining.

Recommendations:  We highly recommend adding an invisible zipper upgrade to this pocket style to maximize the streamlined fit, and prevent the pocket opening from puckering in tight fitting garments.


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